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Ford Capri 280

Ford Capri 280 Side Shot


December 1986

Production Run:



Cologne (Germany)


Cologne 2.8 Injection V6 / Turbo


7.8 secs / 6.8 secs

Max Speed:

130 mph / 140 mph

The Ford Capri 280, more commonly known as the Brooklands Capri was a final limited edition Capri manufactured to signal the end of production after 19 years. Based on the 2.8 Injection Special the car received minor updates and was available as a normal aspirated model or factory sanctioned Turbocharged vehicle.

The Capri was due to continue in production until October 1989 when the Cologne 2.8 Injection engine was planned to go out of production along with its 5 speed gearbox. The 2.9 replacement would require significant changes to the Capri to fit and as the car was selling in low numbers the design modifications would never be sanctioned.

Capri 280 Front Shot

Capri 280 Front Shot

During the winter months of 1985 it was realised that the next version of the car would be a limited edition production car sold only in Britain to mark the end of the Capri production and that there would be no updated 2.8 Injection Special. The decision was taken to make 500 special edition Capri Injection Special’s in December 1986 for sale in 1987, internally the project was referred to as Capri 500 SVP (Special Value Programme).

The model was to be called the Capri 500 – 500 being the intended production run for the vehicle. The car was to be painted in patriotic colours and Metallic Brookland’s Green was chosen, this is where the car has picked up its nickname of Brookland’s Capri. Development funds were limited and so the car was based very closely on the outgoing 2.8 Injection Special - consequently development was restricted by the budget, therefore changes and extra’s to the car were few and far between.

Capri 280 Rear Profile

Capri 280 Rear Profile

Initially the cars were to feature a colour coded spoiler and gold wheels to compliment the colour scheme, these items were eventually dropped in favour of a 15“ 7 spoke RS wheels similar to the 13” equivalent on the Injection Special and the spoiler reverting to the standard unpainted unit. The interior was updated by means of re-trimming the Recaro seats full in Raven Black leather with burgundy piping and re-trimmed door cards and gear knob. The word “Recaro” was due to be embossed on the headrest and a burgundy leather steering wheel was due to be installed but both these were dropped from the final production version and the car reverted to having a standard black leather trimmed steering wheel.

In Sept 1986, Ford decided that the initial production run of 500 was too small, they wanted to maximize production before the Christmas shutdown over which time the Capri line would be dismantled. The Capri Laser and 2.8 Injection Special’s would not be in production after November and so with excess capacity the production run of 500 was changed to 1000. This required the name of the car to be changed quickly thus Capri 280 was chosen – in actual fact 1,038 of the 280 were finally produced.

Capri 280 Interior

Capri 280 Interior

TA factory listed Turbo Technics conversion option was offered for the Capri 280. Originally this car was planned to have 225bhp complemented with upgraded brakes (disks on the rear), disappointingly the version that actually hit the streets was rated at 200bhp – still a healthy boost over the standard output of 160bhp. Of the 1,036 vehicles manufactured nearly half of all 280’s were sold with the Turbo Technics conversion.

The final Capri 280 rolled from the production line on 19th of December 1986 and with it signalled the end of Capri production. The Capri 280 entered showrooms in Feb 1987 to a fanfare from Ford and was priced at £11,999, nearly £1500 more expensive than the corresponding Injection Special. The car received huge amounts of attention in the automotive press, much more so than the new Sierra XR4I, this was a sign of the affection the car built up in Britain during its 18 year production run. Despite the media interest the “Brooklands Capri” was not a sales success and the car was difficult to shift from the showrooms, some cars were registered as late as 1988 as customers believed that all they received over the 2.8 Injection Special was upgraded wheels and trim.

The Capri 280 has become one of the most desirable Capri models ever produced, remaining examples are highly sought after and can fetch anything up to £10,000 with examples requiring restorations realizing £2,500 to £3,000.

The Facts


Ford Cologne V6 / Ford Cologne V6 Turbo


2,972 cc



Compression Ratio:


Fuel System:

Bosch K-Jetronic

Maximum Power:

160bhp @ 5,700rpm / 200bhp @ 5,500 rpm

Maximum Torque:

162lb ft @ 4,300rpm / 247lb ft @ 3,800 rpm


Manual 5 Speed

Top Gear:

25.7 mph per 1000 rpm


Servo Assisted Vented front discs / rear drums

Kerb Weight:

1230 Kg


7.8 secs / 6.8 secs

Max Speed:

130 mph / 140 mph