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Ford Focus RS Mk 2

Production Run:

In Production

Production Date:

2008 - Today


2.5 Duratec RS Inline 5


Saarlouis (Germany)


5.9 Secs

Max Speed:

163 Mph

Fordís Mk 2 RS Focus followed on where the original RS Focus left off and topped the successful Focus model line-up. Uniquely distinctive and aggressive in appearance matched with a 0-60 time of 5.9 seconds and top speed of over 160 Mph the car was an overnight success and followed firmly in the RS tradition living up to its heritage.

Focus RS Mk 2 in Striking Green

Focus RS Mk 2 in Striking Green

The Mk2 RS Focus project was developed by Ford Team RS under the direction of Jost Capito who at the time was the vehicle line Director for Ford of Europe performance vehicles. The project started out as an exercise to fine tune the Focus ST but as development progressed the abilities of the Focus chassis were uncovered and it was discovered that the setup could handle significant hikes in power Ė the RS project was born.

The edition utilised the same 3 door hatchback body shell as used in the ST Focus but has been subject to a substantial restyling, the results of which has defined a car that has a love it or hate it appearance. Available in three colours; Ultimate Green (harking back to the RS1600 Le Mans era), Frozen White and Performance Blue the colour choices complement the aggressive and extrovert styling the model possesses. The front bumper was completely redesigned and incorporated a larger frontal area inspired by the Focus WRC cars, integrated into the bumper were driving lights and headlamp washers. Further revisions included a revised rear bumper that included the exit for the large Venturi tunnel (twin exhausts exiting either side), wheel arch and sill extensions. Air intakes with the RS logo were integrated into the front wings and a large black tailgate mounted rear spoiler was added, the exterior package was completed with 19Ē x 8.5Ē RS 15 spoke alloy wheels fitted with low profile 235/35 continental tyres.

Rear shot showing dual exhaust

Rear shot showing dual exhaust

A lot of time and effort was invested in the development of the power-train and chassis, four wheel drive was not an option due to weight considerations thus the engines 300 bhp was channelled through the front wheel, in order to get this power down efficiently a unique suspension setup was employed. The RS Focus employs a front MacPherson strut suspension configuration using Fordís newly designed RevoKnuckle mounting system used in conjunction with a Quaife automatic torque biasing limited slip differential that provides a lower scrub radius and kingpin offset than traditional setups that avoids the increased weight and complexity of double wishbone and multi link suspension configurations. Ford engineers claim that the Revoknuckle setup eliminates torque steer and helps transfer power more efficiently to the road, handling is controlled through Fordís ESP (Electronic Stability Program) that has been revised to suit the RSís driving characteristics.

Ford Focus RS MK2 Interior

Ford Focus RS MK2 Interior

The interior package is a mild rework of the passenger cabin of the Mk 2 Focus, the most striking change is the addition of body colour coded Recaro front seats trimmed in half leather, rear passenger occupants are greeted by 60/40 sculpted rear seats, RS and Recaro logos are stitched into the backrests of each seat. The car comes equipped with the same instrument binnacle as that of the standard model but an additional three instruments are located at the top of the centre stack. Standard fit items include 6 Disc Sony CD player with DAB and 8 speakers, air conditioning, electric windows and door mirrors and Thatcham Category 1 alarm and immobiliser.

The heart of any RS is the power-plant, the RS Focus Mk 2 is powered by a development of a inline five cylinder 20 valve engine. The engine utilised the same cast aluminium alloy block but has a revised cast aluminium alloy cylinder head and gasket with sintered valve guides and seats. Team RS developed a revised camshaft to give increase power and torque outputs utilising Ti-VCT (Twin independent variable cam timing). The short skirt silicon-aluminium alloy pistons have graphite coated piston sleeves and have been lightened to improve performance, the engine also benefited from the installation of a revised intake and exhaust manifold. The engine has a swept capacity of 2,522cc and has a bore of 83.0mm and stroke of 93.2 mm and is capable of a maximum engine speed of 7050 rpm. The engine uses a Borg Warner K16 turbocharger that has been specially tuned to minimise turbo lag and keep the maximum torque of 325 lb/ft accessible between 2,300 rpm and 4,500 rpm, torque does not drop below 240lb/ft until maximum engine speed is reached.

In this configuration the engine generates 301 bhp @ 6,500 rpm and 325 lb/ft @ 2,600 rpm, the unit powers the car on to 60 mph from rest in 5.9 seconds and on to a top speed of 163 mph. What makes this so impressive is that the car has a combined fuel consumption of 30.5 mpg and emits 225g/km of CO2, mid range performance and flexibility can be considered as excellent with 30 Ė 60 mph taking just 5.3 seconds in fourth gear. Handling is considered as being superb with the car receiving positive reviews in the motoring press.

The Focus RS was launched at the London Motor Show in July 2008 and was made available to the public in early 2009 at a price of £24,995, eagerly anticipated a waiting list soon built up for cars and second hand values quickly eclipsed the price of brand new factory delivered cars. The Mk 2 RS Focus can comfortably sit side by side with the previous RS branded cars and is a sure future classic car.

The Facts


Duratec RS In-line 5





Compression Ratio:


Fuel System:

Bosch ME 9.0 Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection

Maximum Power:

301bhp @ 6,500 rpm.

Maximum Torque:

325lb/ft @ 2,300 - 4,500 rpm.


Manual 6 speed.

Top Gear:

37.7 mph / 1000 rpm


Power Assisted 336mm Ventilated Front Discs / 300mm Solid Rear Discs

Kerb Weight:

1,468 Kg

Max Speed:

163 Mph


5.9 Secs