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Porsche 924 Carrera GTS & CS

Production Run:

Carrera GTS - 44

Carrera GTS CS - 15

Production Date:



1,984cc Straight Four Turbo


Neckarsulm (Germany)


Carrera GTS - 6.2 secs

Carrera GTS CS - 5.2 secs

Max Speed:

Carrera GTS - 155 Mph

Carrera GTS CS - 158 Mph

The Porsche 924 Carrera GTS and GTS CS represented the fastest road legal production 924 ever produced. In total only 59 models were manufactured making this one of the most exclusive Porsche models ever devised. The Carrera GTS was based upon its predecessor the Carrera GT, the Carrera GTS Club-Sport being based on the Carrera GTS. The 924 Club-Sport was the ultimate incarnation of the 924 and provided outstanding driving performance with exclusivity.

Porsche 924 GTS

Porsche 924 GTS

The GTS was only available as a left hand drive model and all cars were finished in red. The bodywork received few and minor modifications from the flared arch Carrera GT. The retracting front headlamps and assemblies were removed and replaced with fixed headlights, these were made from Perspex. This revision had the dual affect of reducing weight and giving more space in the engine compartment within which to mount the larger air to air intercooler. To save weight the doors and bonnet were made from very thin aluminium, the front and rear bumper extensions being formed from fibreglass. The front and rear wings were constructed from polyurethane. The side and hatchback glass windows were removed and replaced with Plexiglass – the side windows being fitted with sliders. The front windscreen was replaced with a thinner bonded unit. To keep structural rigidity the sills and roof remained constructed from steel. Exterior modifications included a revised front lower spoiler and the car’s ride height being dropped several millimeters.

Weight saving measures continued throughout the car, the interior was quite bare in comparison to other Porsche’s at the time. The front seats were replaced with lightweight sports seats that were covered in felt (Porsche 935 racing seats in fact), the doors panels being changed for lightweight units. The rear seats were completely removed front the car.

The GTS used the same 1,984cc single overhead cam Audi sourced engine that was used in the 924 Turbo with an air to air intercooler installed – this being a larger item than fitted to the GT. Boost was increased from the Carrera GT’s 0.75 bar up to 1.0 bar, compression ratio was reduced to 8.0:1. In this configuration the engine output was rated at 245bhp @ 6,250rpm and 247lb/ft @ 3,000rpm.

Power was fed to the rear wheels through a five speed manual gearbox that was modified and included a separate oil cooler. A 40% limited slip differential was installed to improve handling.

In line with the performance increase the brakes were upgraded the units being taken from the 911 Turbo available at the time. Fitted with front and rear discs that were cross drilled and ventilated, the brake ventilation ducts remained unchanged from those installed in the GT.

The suspension setup was again lifted from the GT featuring up-rated version of the suspension fitted to the 924 Turbo II with MacPherson struts with coil springs at the front. However unlike the GT the rear suspensions consisted of coil springs instead of the torsion bars. A 21 or 23 mm front anti-rollbar and 16mm rear anti-rollbar was fitted to complete the suspension setup. To finalise the modification a larger 120 litre fuel tank was installed.

Porsche 924 GTS

Porsche 924 GTS

The GTS Club-Sport was a lightweight version of the GTS, only fifteen of these cars were ever manufactured making these models extremely rare. The model was installed with a bolt in alloy roll cage from the factory and additional weight reductions such as the removal of all under body rust protection – mainly to increase the competitiveness of the car in Motorsport activities. A Halon Fire extinguisher was fitted as standard.

The engine produced 270bhp and 247lb/ft of torque which was a considerable increase over the Carrera GTS, the increase in power can be attributed to the larger front mounted air to air intercooler and an increase of the turbocharger pressure to 1.1 bar. These modifications meant that the car weighed only 1,060 Kg with the GTS weighing in at 1,121 Kg and the GT weighing 1,180 Kg. The additional horsepower and reduced kerb weight gave the car an improved 0-60 time of 5.2 seconds going on to a top speed of 158 Mph.

When launched the 924 Carrera GTS was priced at £24,000, the Carrera GTS CS weighed in at £31,500. In comparison the standard 924 only costs a mere £9,000.

The Facts


1,984cc Straight Four Turbocharged .





Compression Ratio:


Fuel System:

Bosch K-Jetronic Fuel Injection

Maximum Power:

Carrera GTS - 245 bhp @ 6,250 rpm

Carrera GTS CS - 270 bhp

Maximum Torque:

247 lb/ft @ 3,000 rpm.

247 lb/ft


Manual 5 speed.

Top Gear:



Servo Assisted Cross Drilled Ventilated Front Discs / Rear Discs

Kerb Weight:

Carrera GTS - 1,121 Kg

Carrera GTS CS - 1,060 Kg

Max Speed:

Carrera GTS - 155 Mph

Carrera GTS CS - 158 Mph


Carrera GTS - 6.2 Secs

Carrera GTS CS - 5.2 Secs