Triumph TR7 Car Club

Triumph TR7 Car Club

Triumph TR7 Sprint

The Triumph TR7 Sprint is a prototype vehicle developed by Triumph fitted with the potent 2.0 litre 16 valve engine as fitted to the Dolomite Sprint. Ever since the introduction of the original TR7 in 1974 speculation had been rife as to whether Triumph w...

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Triumph TR7

The Triumph TR7 was arguably the most controversial TR of all time. The car was a backwards step from the TR6 in many ways with poor performance and more importantly a permanent hard top, purists saw this as a step to far....

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Triumph TR7 Side

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Triumph TR7 1980 2.0 8v (2 Door Cabriolet)
TR8 conversion with 3.9ltr Disco engine running Weber 500 carb...View

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