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Ford Capri Mk 1 and Mk 1 Facelift

Keen to replicate the success of the Mustang in the US, Ford introduced the highly successful Mk 1 Capri in 1969 and it remained in production through until February 1974 when it was replaced by the Mk 2 Capri having sold 1,172,900 vehicles. Dubbed “The...

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Ford Capri Mk1 Side

Ford Capri RS2600

The Ford Capri RS2600 was developed by Fords Advanced Vehicle Operations in South Ockendon. The first RS2600 rolled off the production line in March 1970, the first batch produced were the lightweight specials that were built for homologation purposes...

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Ford Capri RS2600 Side Profile

Ford Capri Perana V8

The Perana V8 Capri was the only Capri ever fitted with a V8 that was officially sanctioned by Ford. The Perana was produced by Basil Green Motors of Johannesburg and became South Africa’s fastest locally produced car eclipsing more exotic rivals....

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Ford Capri Perana Side Shot

Ford Capri RS3100

As with many performance Fords the Capri RS3100 was produced to allow the company to compete at the highest levels within the Motor-sport arena. 1973 had not been a successful year for Ford in the European Touring Car Championship....

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Ford Capri RS3100 Side Shot

Capri Mk II John Players Special

Introduced in March 1975, the John Players Special Capri was a limited edition Capri produced with the intention of re-introducing some sparkle to the Ford Capri Mk II range. The JPS Capri capitalised on the success of the Lotus Formula 1 team....

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Ford Capri 2.8 Injection & Special

Bob Lutz became head of Ford in Europe in 1979, he had previously worked for BMW and had a particular affinity for sports cars. Lutz had realised that the Capri was being left to die slowly....

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Capri 2.8 Injection Side Shot

Ford Capri Tickford Turbo

John Miles was a test driver for Lotus and a respected journalist, he had been a fan of the Capri for many years and believed that Ford has not fully exploited the potential of the car....

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Tickford Capri Side Shot

Ford Capri 280

The Ford Capri 280, more commonly known as the Brooklands Capri was a final limited edition Capri manufactured to signal the end of production after 19 years. Based on the 2.8 Injection Special the car received minor updates and was available as a Turbo....

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Ford Capri 280 Side Shot

Ford Capri Laser

Introduced in 1984 the Ford Capri Laser was the final run out model for the four cylinder Capri, Ford having decided to rationalise the model line up the Capri Laser replaced all other four cylinder models....

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Ford Capri Laser Side Shot


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