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Schumacher is crap - the game is up!

Author howardstephens
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#1 | Posted: 23 Jul 2010 10:39 | Edited by: howardstephens
I have just been watching the first practice session for the German Grand Prix, what is it with Schumacher these days has he lost his marbles? The tactical genius went out on a drying track on extreme wets - I am not a motor racer but clearly that is wrong.

His team mate finished a creditable 6th against Schumachers 23rd position, all credit to Schumacher he did manage to overcome Sakon Yanamoto in the Hispania and was only just pipped to 22nd position by Bruno Senna. Some of the blame to the poor performance can be laid at the engineers feet - why don't they tell Schumacher that the brake is on the left and not the right!

A good effort Schumi, keep it up!
Author stitchjones
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#2 | Posted: 23 Jul 2010 16:31
A great driver in his time but you have to question his decision to come back from retirement.

Surely when you retire your doing so for a reason - perhaps his motivation isn't there like it used to be.

Anyway what exactly has he got to prove. He's been there done that got the t-shirt so why bother risking tarnishing a great record?
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